Conservation Travel Africa

Wildlife Conservation ProgrammesConservation Travel Africa was established to restore Africa’s wildlife and wild areas to their previous abundance and to re-establish areas where communities and wildlife can live and prosper side-by-side. We offer several very different programmes focusing on different geographical areas, different animal species and different ways that you can play your part in the conservation of endangered species.

The initiatives which our volunteers get involved with are existing projects set up to meet a specific need in that area and which have long term environmental principles. Our programmes help protect wildlife and eco-systems through the provision of anti-poaching support, reforestation, the reintroduction of animal species and through the collection of research and data. Our partner organisations are all run by experienced conservationists and researchers who need volunteer support to help them on a daily basis and all our programmes need volunteers who want to give hands on support in areas where their help is really needed.

Conservation Travel Africa have opportunities to volunteer in the areas of Wildlife Conservation, Wild Animal Research, Environmental Monitoring, Education, Childcare, Orphanage Programmes and Building and Maintenance Projects.