Imire Volunteer Programme

Rhino Conservation at ImireLive in the heart of a beautiful conservation area, learn about our Black Rhino and help secure the future of the species in Zimbabwe. Work with our Elephants, observing their behaviour and social interactions and make a real difference to our conservation efforts.

In the 1980s, Imire was awarded guardianship of seven orphaned baby black rhino which were hand-reared until they reached maturity. Since then, we have become a world-renowned Black Rhino Breeding and Release Centre, with 14 black rhino born on Imire and released back into National Parks across Southern Africa.This is your opportunity to be part of an amazing story and help continue the breeding programme today.

As well as black rhino and elephants, Imire is also home to a wide variety of animals including lions, buffalo, giraffe, hyena, zebra, wildebeest and is also a breeding centre for the rare sable antelope. As a volunteer you will get hands on experience in running a game park, learn about conservation and help ensure that Imire's work can continue.

Volunteers at Imire will get involved with Black Rhino Conservation, observing the behaviour of the rhino, plus feeding and walking with them. You will also help conduct studies into our elephant herd and get involved with monitoring browsing behaviour, repairing elephant damage, elephant back safaris and swimming with the elephants
. Volunteers help ensure Imire continues to be a safe and secure environment for all our animals and help create a safe place into which animals from other areas can be released. You will get involved with anti-poaching foot patrols, 
snare sweeps, fence building and repair

You will provide daily assistance to the Game Park Manager and carry out deliveries of feed and nutritional supplements, assist in game counts and herd composition studies
, undertake reforesting and the removal of alien invasive plant species.

We encourage African children to have a sense of pride in their animals and environment and help them understand why they should be protected. Volunteers will get involved with teaching lessons on different animal species, helping with gardening and teaching about permaculture (organic gardening).