What are we offering ?

  • Declared jobs in France
  • Flexible hours so that you can enjoy your time abroad
  • An interesting job among french families : the job involves picking up children from school, going home, playing with them in english using our specific teaching method
  • If a 20 hour per week job is not sufficient for you, we can help you finding another part time jobs.
  • An attractive hourly salary --> from EUR 10 to 13 per hour for Childcare & from € 13 to 20 for tutoring
  • A real training programme to our teaching method. We are using an early language acquisition method developed by specialists in child bilingualism (For this, we have been awarded best european innovative enterprise in 2009 !)
  • A valuable and enjoyable experience in France with plenty of opportunities to get to know people and eat french baguettes & cheese !
Our requirements :
  • Our babyspeaker must be above 18 years old and native speakers
  • No specific diploma is required but you need to have experience in working with children
  • No minimum of French is required !

Interested ?

Please apply directly on our web site, there is a simple form to fill in : 

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