Wildlife Courses

So what is a Safari Guide?
A Safari Guide is often incorrectly called a Game Ranger. A Game Ranger is someone who looks after the animals and environment of an area and Field Guide is someone who guides people in a natural environment. A field guide will guide people either in a vehicle, on foot or horseback.

What will I learn on a course?
Loads! The one month course will teach you everything from how to track animals, ecology, animal behaviour, shooting, and lots more. Obviously depending on which course you attend will determine how intensive each subject is. 

If I qualify, will I get a job in Africa?
Not necessarily. Guiding in Africa is very competitive and an international person would struggle to prove themselves and also get the working visas. Getting a visa for South Africa would be very difficult, but it may be easier in other African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, etc.

Can I do one of the courses if I have no intentions of becoming a professional guide?
Absolutely! These courses will not only give you a lot more knowledge about the African wildlife, but will also give you a life experience you will never forget and will tell the grandchildren about! If you really want to see African Wildlife, get stunning photos, see the animals in a way that tourists never experience.

Do we know what we are talking about?
Definately. We are ex-safari guides, who have done these courses, have worked in Africa for a number of years.

For more information, please visit: http://www.wildlifecourses.co.uk/