Cultural Destination Nepal

Namaste and warm greetings from Nepal, a kingdom of high Himalayan Mountains, artistic monuments, exotic wildlife, and diverse cultures!

It is our pleasure to introduce our organization Cultural Destination Nepal (CDN Nepal). CDN Nepal is a volunteer organization, which was established to introduce Nepal and its diverse geographical and cultural environment and promote general inter-cultural understanding through experiential learning in Nepal. "Volunteer Nepal!" program is an emphasis to the promotion of worldwide understanding for cultural differences.

CDN Nepal is engaged in service to humanity right on the spot., therefore a special program "Volunteer Nepal!" is introduced to the participants interested in more than pure vacation-stay. This program is designed for those people, who wish to visit Nepal and contribute their time and skills to benefit the community people as well as learn Nepalese culture & customs by living as member of a Nepali host family and doing volunteer work in various fields (normally we place the participants in a school teaching and educating the children). By participation on this volunteer program, we have built confidence that the participants will gain personal experiences, share ideas as well as build open communication channel among different countries and cultures.

Duration of the "Volunteer Nepal!" program is minimum for 2 to maximum for 4 months, age boundary is 18 to 65, and the qualifications for this volunteer program is minimum school graduate.

The program fee is Euro 650.
The Cost includes four different phases:-

1. Pre-service training (Orientation Phase)
2 weeks of orientation
Ø Homestay
Ø Cultural orientation tour (sight seeing)
Ø Cross-cultural orientation (social behaviors: dos & don'ts)
Ø Hiking (day trip)
Ø Lectures on different topics such as religion, cultures, political system, history,
Ø Meditation
Ø Cultural activities
Ø Yoga introduction

2. Volunteering Phase:
Ø 1 to 3 months of volunteering teaching and educating the children of different age group at local and private school.
Ø Teaching to the monks and nuns at the monastery
 Ø Working at local orphanage with orphan kids.
Ø Working on environment, women and development, disabled children and so on.

3. Village Excursion Phase:
Ø One week of village excursion at local villages. Get to experience the typical way of life of typical Nepalese people.
Ø Service project at the local community while doing the village excursion.

4. Recreational Phase:-
Ø Two nights three days of Jungle safari at Chitawan National Park.
Ø One day of white water rafting.

# Food (two meals: breakfast and dinner) and accommodation during the whole program

# Transportation within the country and so on.

An application fee of the program is Euro 50, which is non-refundable. Program commences fifth yearly: February, April,June, August, and October, but other dates can be arranged upon one's interest or request.