Rawplanet Ltd - join us!

Help build a school in Ghana.....20 people needed to help build a school in Ghana.

At present our projects are based in Ghana, West Africa and generally involve the construction of school blocks, libraries, toilet blocks and water storage tanks.

This summer we are looking for 20 people to join us in building a classroom block for a local community. This will involve starting at the foundations and finishing with the blackboards and the construction of the classroom furniture.

Rawplanet is a small, independent and owner run company with a passion for helping communities in Africa. We achieve this by building basic infrastructures such as school classrooms, toilets, libraries and water storage tanks essential to the development of any community.

Our mission is:- ‘the dedicated support of communities in developing countries by working along side them to provide the basic infrastructure, facilities and resources they need to achieve their goals and aspirations for a better future.’

All we ask is for you to give up some of your time, expertise, commitment and prosperity. Join us in achieving our mission by being part of a project team that is fully integrated into village life, living and working as part of the community.