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Welcome to the English Language Centre online Train today in TEFL/TESL!

Study online for a Certificate in TEFL/TESL Interested in teaching English as a foreign language but don’t know where to start? The English Language Centre online has designed an innovative and effective Certificate course in TEFL/TESL which will introduce you to the world of TEFL - the world of choice.

Whether it’s a Gap Year with exotic travel or a long-term career worldwide, the ELC Certificate Course is the place to start! Why ELC online? The English Language Centre online is offering the Certificate in TEFL/TESL course for anyone with an interest in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

It is particularly suitable for those considering entering this rapidly growing profession who have no direct access to a training centre. ELC online is an independent English Language research and TEFL/TESL teacher-training organisation established in 1990 with the aid of grants and support from English Training & Enterprise Council (TEC). There is a growing need for professional, affordable EFL/ESL teacher training and the Training & Enterprise Council recognised ELC's aim and ability to meet this need. Now near the end of our second decade, we continue to do so.

What our students say

“I have received innumerable laudatory comments from past participants in your program from around the world ..."
Barikyan Gurgen, Ph.D. Director General, AFT Training Centre

“I always look back to the Online TEFL/TESL Certificate Course that I took at your school in 2002 ... It has been one of the most helpful, useful, and practical sources to beginning my overseas teaching career ... I would recommend that every teacher thinking of going to work overseas take this course before doing so."
Jeff Beyer University Teacher Dandong, China

As Online/Distance Learning Specialists we appreciate that you will want an efficient and effective course which can be completed anywhere in the world.