Exit Experience


Exit Experience (QLM SL) is an organisation based in Marbella (AndalucĂ­a)-Spain.


Our Company is involved in Educational/Cultural Exchanges, in organising Work Experience (Paid Jobs) and Vocational Training Programmes (Internships), as well as Spanish Language Courses (Work and Study) in Spain.


We offer excellent opportunities for students, young professionals and other participants, Citizens from the European Community.


If you are 18+ and an EU Citizen, Resident in the UK, for instance, why do not you join our Leonardo da Vinci-HORIZONS 2008 programme and Spend 14 weeks in Marbella-Spain FOR FREE on a language course and vocational internship!


For our Vocational Training Programmes, Spanish Language Courses and our Volunteers Opportunities, we accept Participants from all over the World.


Our experienced staff is ready to provide the best services for our applicants.

We co-operate with  a large number of partner employers in a variety of fields such as the hospitality industry, general services industry, lawyers offices, architect offices, marketing and publicity companies...to arrange placements and volunteer opportunities.


Discover Spain, with Exit , a different approach to gaining Experience!