Immigration Unit

Immigration Unit gives personalised assistance and advice throughout the entire immigration procedure together with practical advice regarding your move. Before we begin to process your application, we ask you to complete our online confidential data form so we can gauge your eligibility. We then undertake a free review of your case and will telephone you or send you an information package in the post, telling if you are eligible. If you are able to migrate, then with your agreement, we will prepare a formal, detailed report on your case and send it to you to review. This report contains a detailed set of written documents, often fifteen to sixty pages in length (immigration law is becoming more and more complex). The report will explain the immigration process as it applies to you and your family and will include all the legal issues involved in your application, the practical problems we foresee, a detailed discussion of your eligibility and, especially important, it clearly sets out ALL the anticipated costs that you will need to budget for. We provide an approximate estimate of the timing of those costs, which makes it especially easy to budget and to plan for your imminent move to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom & South Africa. As a part of the reporting package you will also be listed on Relocation Unit's database, meaning that if any job offers in your chosen country and current profession, become available, you will automatically be notified by email, and will be invited to apply. Once you have received your report, you will then have the opportunity as to whether or not you wish to proceed with our services. The report is obligation free, so if you decide not to proceed, there will be no further charge incurred. If you do decide to become a client, you will be assigned a case officer and you will receive our “Road Map to Immigration” which will clearly outline the next steps needed to follow to gain your visa. As a client we offer assistance with establishing bank accounts, job placement prospects and even the opportunity to save thousands of pounds by using our industrial links to move your finances to your destination country without paying what some may consider exorbitant commission charges to high street banks. In many cases, previous clients have saved more money using our services in terms of application fees and foreign currency transfers, than our services have actually cost the client. Therefore we are confident that services we provide are exceptional value for money.

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