COE Connections International

COE Connections are the ONLY Long Stay travel insurance specialists in the United Kingdom. We have enhanced our products over many years and we offer such UNIQUE features as (a) cover once you have LEFT the UK, albeit years ago and (b) ONGOING cover, for many years if necessary. We can cover non-UK Residents who qualify by living in the United Kingdom. We have been vetted by the British Council in Northern Ireland and insured numbers through their BEI project to study in the USA. We offer a unique STUDY ABROAD scheme, very cost-effective, quality cover. Our schemes are produced according to the requirements of the REAL WORLD. We can do ONE-WAY trips for Residents of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada etc who have been living in the UK. We have a number of Agents who offer our services through their channels, which include student placements, football coaches. We ARE the experts and we ARE here to help.