Orangutan Foundation

Volunteers working on a release camp

The Orangutan Foundation is the world’s foremost orangutan conservation organisation. It protects Asia’s endangered great apes by preserving their tropical forest habitat, working with local communities and promoting research and education to achieve this.


Since 2000, the Foundation has run a successful Volunteer Programme which has proved very popular, providing us with a valuable workforce and committed base of supporters.


Work is generally construction based and will necessitate a great deal of physical exertion.  In 2008, the main target area of the programme was the Lamandau Reserve, the Foundation’s release site for rehabilitated orangutans. Here we built a new release camp to allow us to reintroduce more orangutans from our Care Centre and Quarantine Facility. Objectives for 2009 are likely to be construction of water purification systems for villagers in the Belantikan Region, home to the third largest orangutan population in the world. The Orangutan Foundation is working with the Indonesian government and local communities to protect this area of critical orangutan habitat and volunteers may be involved in the construction of a Conservation or Community Health Centre.


Although volunteers do not have hands on contact with orangutans (you will not work at our Care Centre) or participate in orangutan field research,you will meet many of the free ranging ex-captive orangutans at Camp Leakey in Tanjung Puting National Park. A day will also be  put aside to visit our Orangutan Care Centre and Quarantine Facility.

For further information on the Orangutan Foundation or how to become a volunteer please email, call or visit our website.