European Services

Dear Applicant:

Thank you, for taking an interest in vacancies within European Services LTD.

Following is some general information with regards to the post of Installation, Maintenance, De Branding and General Support at our Depot in France dealing with Camping Equipment, Mobile Homes in Europe.

If you are interested in applying for work in Europe with European Services please download the attached word document which is a three page application form.

Please fill this application form in and POST it to:

The Managing Director, European Services, HOYLAND HOUSE, FORGE LANE, ARMLEY, LEEDS LS12 2HG.


You must attach a colour passport size photograph of yourself and you may enclose your CV, if you have one, or any other information that you feel may help your application.

Please mark on the outside of your envelope ‘APPLICATION’ – thank you.


If you are called for interview we will contact you by phone or text, and we will then email you directions to the head office in Leeds.

What We Do

Work on contracts from the Tour Operators and private clients in the mobile home industry.

In the winter, Tour Operators decide whether they want to buy new mobiles, sell the ones they already own, or move existing ones to different emplacements or different campsites in Europe. Our job is: disconnecting, installation of, maintenance of and de-branding these mobile homes. 

This is carried out by individuals or in a team of two, (teams are selected by head office) Installation and Disconnection teams are provided with a 4 x 4 vehicle and a trailer with the required tools and equipment.  Maintenance and De-branding uses a smaller vehicle, such as a Citroen C15 van.


All services are disconnected from the mobile home – plumbing, water, electric etc, and the mobile home is towed off the emplacement with the 4 x 4.  The mobiles are then either

a) positioned on a new emplacement on the same site. Or b) left in the car park ready for the transporters to collect.


When the transporters deliver the mobile homes to the car park on site, we tow them to and on to their emplacements with the vehicle.  We then jack up the mobiles, block them, level them and install the plumbing. This means the mobile homes are now fully habitable for holiday makers and owners to stay in on their holidays. 




The removal of the decal Logo off all the mobile home.  They are to be left very clean and tidy. We provide all equipment and vehicles to complete the work.

Installation & repairs to Wooden Terraces, Skirting, Cycle (BIKE) Repairs & Servicing

Installation & repairs over 200 different Campsites around Europe


This is decommissioning, commissioning (winterization and opening up and set-up) and all year round general repairs and upkeep.  They are to be left very clean and tidy when all work has been completed. We provide all equipment and vehicles to complete the work.

Location of this work:

This position is based in Europe full time.  This means the only time you would come back to the UK is in your annual holidays, if you wish, (24 days per year) or at the companies discretion.

You will not have a working base as such.  Because we cover so many campsites all over Europe, it’s a case of moving from site to site.


Accommodation is provided by us, this is a static mobile home on whichever campsite you are working on at the time.  We must stress to you that in the winter months, the weather is very cold! The conditions are also wet and muddy! Because the campsites are closed at this time, it is not guaranteed that water and electric will be connected to your live mobile home.  However, we do carry generators and gas bottles with us all times but this means after a days work you will be unable to get a hot shower!  If you are going to be working on this site for a few days, the Leeds office will authorise you to stay in a local B&B or Hotel and have a company meal. This is paid for by the company.

Hours of Work:

Working hours are flexible.  A working week consists of 6 days, although through busy periods we may require you to work the 7th.  We generally work to weekly schedules, which gives us X amount of mobiles to complete a week.


When the disconnections and Installs season (WINTER) ends (April/May) all employees are assessed, if they wish to stay for the summer, we train our employees to become Maintenance engineers. This can include ‘Gas Training’.

Through the summer we work on maintaining the mobile homes on the campsites.  This involves a call out service for emergencies (eg. Broken boilers) and the general maintenance of the mobile homes. The summer season is a lot quieter for us compared to the Installs programme; so working a seventh day is unlikely.  This is also the time of the year, which is possible you could be given a specific area to cover.

Pay structure:

Level 1: Wages are a minimum of £195.00 gross per week, plus £30.00 gross per week is accrued as part of a retainer.