Quest Underseas

Mozambique is one of the few areas in the world where whale sharks and manta rays are regularly found. These enormous fish are completely passive and the feeling of being in, or under, the water next to one of these magnificent creatures is indescribable.

For this reason Tofo is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for divers, holidaymakers and travellers alike. This is good news for the area, but will increase pressure on it resources.  With potential increased pressure, sound management plans need to be implemented urgently to regulate the industry developing around the whale sharks and manta rays.

However, before this amazing marine life can be protected and managed, we need to demonstrate the conservation value to decision-makers. Currently no marine research has been undertaken in the area, and even on a global scale there have been very few scientific papers written on whale sharks and manta rays in the last 30 years. The predominant aim of this expedition therefore, is to gather information on whale sharks, manta rays and the other marine life at Tofo beach. Volunteers participating in this project are offered a unique opportunity to discover and explore uncharted reefs and work towards guiding their sustainable use.


Around Utila, as throughout the Caribbean, marine resources are under threat through over-fishing, algal overgrowth and eutrophication, badly managed marine tourism, coastal run-off and pollution. The needs of Utila are characteristic of the region and the chance to conduct active research, to increase our knowledge and find solutions to these problems, needs to be taken. Quest Underseas provide specific baseline data through self-funded volunteers, trained to conduct marine surveys. By working with local institutions, local government and community members / fishing cooperatives, much more can be achieved and learned. Such cooperation provides a benefit to all resource users. Through capacity building, an investment in a trust fund for UCME, providing training to local counterparts and aiming to disseminate information frequently, we can conserve some of the world’s most incredible natural wonders for people and marine-life alike.

Utila Summer Expedition

The Quest Underseas project in Utila aims to compliment the work being carried out by UCME on Utila, with specific project contributions and discreet responsibilities. In this manner Underseas can provide the relevant data and manage individual projects to completion. This is an ideal place to dive, learn to dive, to gather experience in marine conservation and research, to conduct research for undergraduate or postgraduate marine science and to be involved in contributing towards the knowledge and conservation of marine resources. Our project runs in conjunction with UCME Utila, and run through UDC (the highest certification school in the Caribbean). The Bilingual outputs & social science research produced both by Quest Underseas and UCME offer a ‘pick and mix’ approach to marine ecology for volunteers and marine biologists wishing to carry out their research in Utila. This provides and ideal opportunity to recruit for dissertations / experience.