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Are you looking for a challenging and unique experience that will enhance your skills and broaden your horizons?




Nova Group is a market leader within Japan’s language education industry, offering lessons in six languages to more than 475,000 students (both adults and children). We operate from an expansive network of regional branches across Japan and from an Osaka-based Multimedia Centre, which uses advanced videoconferencing technology to deliver online language lessons.


The Job

Nova’s success is based firmly upon fun, interactive and effective lessons.  Instructors teach highly conversational lessons with a focus on situational language. From ordering pizza and reminiscing about high school days to talking about current affairs and telling jokes, lessons from Nova’s adult curriculum “Diplomat” are easily applicable to life outside the classroom. In addition to the “Diplomat” curriculum, Nova offers a range of specialist courses including the children’s programme “Kids” and courses such as “TOEIC”, “TOEFL”, “Eiken”, “Travel” and “Business”. A conversation lounge entitled “Voice” is also available and is a popular feature of Nova’s branches. All lessons are accompanied by lesson plans to assist instructors and reduce planning time.


Instructor positions offer:


  • The choice of teaching 34 or 37 lessons over a five day working week
  • Small class sizes consisting of no more than 4 adults or 8 children
  • Completion of all lesson planning within work hours and no marking duties
  • One year teaching contracts, with visa sponsorship and renewal opportunities


Other benefits:


  • An excellent remuneration package that affords a comfortable standard of living and the opportunity to save
  • Extensive training and support, both initially and throughout employment
  • Accommodation within a commutable distance of allocated branches
  • The opportunity to work with people from all over the world
  • The opportunity to apply with a partner or friend


Unforgettable experiences, skill development and career advancement are very real opportunities with Nova Group; view our training details and case studies to be inspired.






Nova Group offers the option of group flights to Japan. Instructors benefit from a discounted fare, expanded luggage allowance and a warm welcome to Japan. Our staff will meet you upon arrival and assist you in reaching your accommodation.




Nova Group provides initial and ongoing training for all employees, catering to those with no teaching background and to those with established teaching expertise. We support and challenge instructors in their professional development through regular coaching, training workshops, and an accessible network of trainers and education support staff.


Training Programmes


Nova Group offers a comprehensive range of training programmes which focus on a variety of curriculums and teaching techniques.


Training programmes include:


  • Combined induction and on-the-job (OJT) training

New instructors participate in a three day training programme to familiarise them with the company and introduce them to Nova Group’s adult curriculum “Diplomat”.


Training takes place in small groups and is led by an experienced trainer.  New instructors observe and co-teach lessons, before independently teaching a number of full lessons on the final day of training. Feedback and coaching is continuous throughout the three day programme. All trainers began as instructors so, in addition to perfecting new instructors’ teaching skills, they can offer valuable advice and support on settling into life in Japan.


  • Follow-up training

Instructors attend a follow-up training workshop soon after OJT, building upon the skills developed during initial training and subsequent weeks of teaching.


  • Regular feedback and coaching sessions

Instructors undergo an initial probation period of two calendar months, which acts as a means of monitoring instructors’ performance and assessing training needs. During this time, and throughout employment, instructors receive individual feedback and coaching from trainers.


  • “Kids” Training

Full training is provided for the delivery of children’s lessons and Nova’s popular children’s programme “Kids”.


  • Training in other specialised courses

Training in delivering other courses is also offered, dependent on branch needs. These courses include specialised business and travel programmes and test preparation courses “TOEIC”, “TOEFL” and “Eiken”.


  • Workshops

Group workshops focus on various teaching techniques applicable to teaching adults, teaching children or leading “Voice” conversation room discussions.


Teaching Support and Consultation


Instructors receive comprehensive support from a vast network of staff. Each branch has its own assistant trainer who, in addition to area trainers and personnel managers, provides assistance and is available to answer any queries instructors may have. Nova’s Education Department is responsible for distributing useful newsletters which include teaching tips, curriculum updates and ideas from instructors throughout Japan; they also develop Nova’s curriculum and can be contacted for teaching advice.


Career Development


Nova Group provides extensive training and guidance, enhancing instructors’ skills and professional development. In addition, Nova Group fills all senior vacancies from within the company, creating extensive opportunities for promotion and career advancement.


Promotion is dependent upon individual performance, however advancement to Assistant Trainer is a possibility within six months of commencing employment with Nova. Other opportunities include Area Trainer roles, Personnel Management, Education Development, Graphic Illustration, Overseas Office Recruitment and much more.


Consider Nova Group for a career or a year abroad.


In order to obtain a work visa, applicants must hold:

  • A Bachelor degree or equivalent, in any discipline
  • A minimum of 12 years formal education conducted in the language you wish to teach


Teaching experience and Japanese language skills are not a requirement.



Nova Group UK accepts applications for English, German and Spanish positions. Applications should be made three – four months in advance of your desired arrival date in Japan; successful applicants will be invited to attend an interactive information seminar, followed by a formal interview.


Applications can be made online, by visiting our website Alternatively, please submit a curriculum vitae and cover letter by email or post (please note that, due to the large number of applications we receive, we are only able to respond to successful candidates).