TEFL Trainer

TEFL CERTIFICATION WITH AN INTERNSHIP IN SPAIN We are an accredited TEFL certification provider with partner schools in Spain. TEFL Trainer offers internships to proficient users of English who wish to combine practice and theory, whilst completing an Advanced TEFL Certification Programme (Level 5). We offer start dates all year round, you can start almost any Monday, in Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid. In order to apply, you need to be over 18, be a proficient user of English, native or non native, and be interested in teaching. Our 3 learning blocks ensure that you will gain the teaching experience and the subject knowledge to become a well-rounded Teacher of English as a Foreign Language In order to apply just send us your CV specifying your preferred location, start date, and programme length. The admin fee is only for non university students (£59). It is free for Erasmus students. There are no hidden costs. The language school pays us the difference of the certification, and provides you with a capped monthly stipend towards accommodation costs (275EUR in Madrid, 240EUR in Barcelona, and 180EUR in Valencia). The teaching assistantship requires a commitment of up to 40 hours per week, 30 of which will be dedicated to teaching practice, and between 1 and 10 to studying. In order to become certified with us, you will need to complete all three learning blocks: 6 reflective diaries (400 words each, 30% of your grade), 6 final exams (available on our Online course which covers 140 hours of theory, 30% of your grade), and a 160-hour teaching assistantship (in one of our partner schools, 40% of your grade). We provide guidance for finding accommodation. Whilst you are competing your internship in Spain, you receive constant support from your school manager and head teacher, as well as online mentoring.