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The Student Zone is an worlwide international student community and life style site which aims to encourage interaction of the student community on a global level. The site you will find features mases of articels advice and projects designed to this end one of the major sections which features heavily on the site is that of  Travel
The travel section covers a varied mix of advice, articles and general travel information as you can see from the links below

Gap Year & Work Abroad
Study Abroad
Information About Youth Hostels
Consulates and Embassys
Foreign Currencies Advise for Students
Passports and Visas Advise for Students
Safety Whilst Abroad
Before you go
Student Travel Articles

Jobs abroad

Other intresting stuff on the website includes

Student Debt Reduction Solution (SDRS)

The Student Zone also presents opertunities to students on an internatinal basis through its many projects such as...

  • International University Clearing (to come on stream next year)
  • Compelloart which aims to aid art students on an international basis gain a leg up into the industry and is sponsored by The Saatchi Gallery London
  • BetheBand project aims to unite the international student music community to raise money for charity
  • International university and college guide
We hope you find all the information on our site usefull and if there is something that you need thats isn't on the site let us know.


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The Student Zone Team