About Us

The Working Travel website is a powerful searchable database of working travel related opportunities. It is completely free to use to both searchers and companies with something to offer the seasonal worker, gap year participant, budding sports instructor or anyone else wishing to combine travel with work, learning or volunteering.

The companies at the top of the searches are those who have put the most effort into making their entry as relevant as possible to the term you entered in your search. None of the main search or company pages are paid for so the results are in no way related to that companies willingness to pay. It is utterly impartial. The directory is also managed by human beings who control the quality of the content being submitted.

The only paid for search results are the sponsored listings (in separate boxes on the right of the results) which are managed by the companies themselves. If they are advertising in a competitive sector, such as gap year projects, they may need to sponsor keywords to bring themselves to your attention. However, this is also content based so you will only ever see relevant links.

The result? The biggest and most objective working travel database available.